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Rebels team: content creators and management

"Don't Let The Tamed Ones Tell You How To live." - Jonny Ox -

A Rebel stays true to herself. Being a rebel does not have to mean being reckless. Being a rebel means doing anything and everything to find their true self and living life to the fullest.

She travels to fill up the soul after working weeks on end at a 9-5.

She listens to alternative rock, 90's rap, cringes at today's rap, drinks a couple of beers at a country concert.

She has fomo from staring at Instagram influencers having fun in Greece, Vegas, Tennessee, or anywhere but at a desk job.

Rebel's are boho chic with rocker vibes.

She dreams of selling her home, buying a van, and traveling across the nation, but she laughs at that out loud.

She loves to wear flowy styles and moody colors.

She loves brunch more than yoga.

She knows where the best happy hour is in town. But a rainy night and a scary movie is euphoria.

She dresses like a witch every Halloween. Black is her favorite color.

A Rebel has a positive spirit that is always craving the next adventure.

Be a Rebel, be you🖤

 Perla - CEO

Kyra - Assistant Manager

 Kristen - Content Creator

 Taylor - Content Creator